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The West Hill Neighborhood Organization (WHNO) is a 501(c)3 non profit with a mission to improve the quality and vitality of the West Hill / Highland Square Neighborhood located in West Akron.

Since 1997, the WHNO has been working to build and strengthen the ties between the people and businesses of the West Hill area. WHNO services the area from Glendale Cemetery to Maple Street, west to Rose Avenue, including all of Highland Square, and from West Exchange Street to Aqueduct to the north. Our committees monitor crime and safety issues, advocate for proper zoning, organize events to foster community pride, and keep our neighbors informed through Face Book.

West Hill is home to 12,561 people. These residents live in dwellings which were built between 1900 and 1919, making it one of the oldest neighborhoods in the City of Akron. It is a diverse area with a mix of people, business and housing. The “business district”, often called the Highland Square Business District, boasts a movie theatre, several restaurants, and pubs, a branch library and various other service and retail venues. Victorian Village, is situated in the eastern part of the neighborhood and features wonderful Victorian homes that were built between 1860 and 1915. The Silver Street province is a natural gateway to the Howard Street Historic District and the Cascade Locks.

With the assistance of the Cleveland Restoration Society and Preservation Resource Center of Northeast Ohio, the West Hill Neighborhood Organization was able to have one section of the neighborhood placed on the National Register of Historic Places. This parcel of 43 houses, built primarily between 1902 and 1923, and located in the Oakdale section of the Hall Park Allotment, is comprised of homes on Woodland, Crosby, Oakdale, Crestwood and Balch Street.